Basic Website Demonstration Site

The purpose of this website is to demonstrate a simple, easy-to-use "starter" website.

This is the home page.

The visual side of the website

  • A homepage with content outlining the purpose of the website
  • A contact page: A way for visitors to contact you
  • An about page: Information about the business team
  • A subscribe page: A way for visitors to keep in touch by signing up for your newsletter.

The non-visual side of the website

  • A domain name
  • A hosting service
  • Someone responsible for adding, editing, and updating content
  • A website manager

Costs for basic website:

  • $300. (4 hours at $75 per hour) Includes design, hosting setup, domain setup
  • Website hosting starting at about $96 per year
  • Domain name about $19 per year